A removable EMS base, that includes a receiver and a turret, allows a very quick configuration change from 6 utility seats to full EMS helicopter. The articulating stretcher can then slide and lock on the receiver allowing patient loadings smooth and easy.

Equipment rails installed on the back wall, on the side wall, on the roof panel for medical devices retain.


The total weight including all equipment and both configurations is approx. 215 Lbs, making it at least 100Lbs lighter than any other EMS equivalent interior.


Interior is NVG compatible and can be used in conjunction with many helicopter features such as hoist/hook/floats/rappel fixtures/search light etc. making the helicopter suitable with a single interior to fly several different mission types.

This revolutionary interior together with helicopter low operating costs, IFR certification, speed and performances, makes this a unique platform to operators and Governments.

Inverter and Converters are installed and supply AC, DC and USB outlets in the cabin.

A 3350L capacity oxygen bottle is installed in the baggage compartment for EMS operations.

AMS designs and produce also equipment retainers for both medical devices or for technical equipment.


Capable drawers are available under the FWD AFT facing bench and under the EMS base when installed.

The EMS base, the receiver and the stretcher can be easily stored in the baggage compartment making the configuration change possible at any base.