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AMS Heli Design began its EMS interior certification with a “niche” market represented by the Leonardo AW119/AW109E helicopters. With the certification of the lightest weight EMS interior complete with a swiveling stretcher, composite materials and new features, AMS soon made his name known for INNOVATION. Now it’s recognized being a fast growing reality in the EMS interior market with products of excellence.

Why Choose
AMS Heli Design?

Providing expert advice, customized interiors and new features on board.

To serve the EMS industry at best, with latest technologies products and materials, with the highest quality and reliability.

Immediate support to our customers from interior definition to after sale support. High expectation performances and deliveries are our daily challenge.

Listening and adapting our interior to your requirements. AMS does not impose its vision but listen to customer needs and requirements and adapts its interiors accordingly. The result is a design where every detail is on the right spot.


AMS Heli Design is an STC and PMA owner.

Quality Assurance personnel monitor our performance, to ensure that AMS’s products complies with contractual requirements and industry best practices.  Quality is our priority without compromise and the only way to deliver the excellence in our products.

AMS Heli Design’s approach to Quality stresses constant focus on products and procedures improvement to achieve the best customer satisfaction while ensuring safe, handy and lightweight EMS interiors.

Our History

Entering the market as a new Helicopter EMS Interior provider, we wanted to fill the gap with our competitors with particular attention to quality, customer support and customizing capabilities. For this reason we created an Engineering and Design Office in South Africa capable of studying EMS solutions and structuring an Engineering office for STC achievement and Amendment in our Headquarter.

Further we set up a logistic store for prompt Customer Support and teamed with a Part 145 for STC installation and new helicopter’s completion in USA. Since now we can design, engineer, produce and certify any customised EMS/SAR interior to meet our customer’s specific requirements on whatever helicopter type.

Our first FAA STC certification has been achieved in Novembre 2017, and will be valid for AW119 family and for AW109E; AW109S will be certified immediately after through an STC Amendment. We’ll bring the kit worldwide through EASA/CAAC/JCAB STC validations and local offices in all 5 Continents.

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CEO Andrea Girolin
General Manager Tracy Ourhaan
Quality Manager Shawn Clark
Chief Engineering Riccardo Romanelli
Chief Certification Manager Jim Smisek
Administration Manager Lana Wittler

Turn Key Services

For those who are looking for one Leonardo EMS helicopter to retrofit, AMS Heli Design provides the possibility of a full turn key service which includes:

  • Helicopter identification, inspection, procurement
  • Helicopter transport to one of our service centres
  • Registration services (to FAA/EASA Registry)
  • Retrofit from VIP/Utility to EMS/SAR
  • Maintenance activities (i.e. painting, airframe and engine inspections and overhaul)
  • Delivery