R&D Services

AMS develops customized EMS interiors from concept studies and design engineering to the final product installed in helicopters making customer’s “best dreams” reality.

AMS Heli Design has a dedicated team of skilled engineers that can provide solutions from design, engineering, stress analysis, static testing, documentation and certification of medical interiors and equipment.

Pre-owned Aircraft/Helicopter acquisition and retrofit

AMS has a proven track record in pre-owned helicopter and aircraft acquisition, maintenance, EMS retrofit and sale. We offer turn key services to bring the desired asset in the optimal configuration to operators and relives them from all the delicate aspects of the acquisition process (PPI, legal aspects, ferry flights, registration management etc.)

Seating retrofit

AMS, in cooperation with Autoflug GmbH, offers customized lightweight helicopter seats to be installed in various helicopters. The new Ultra lightweight seats can be retrofitted on existing helicopters to reduce more than 40% of seat weight adding significant helicopter performance to the helicopter. Contact us for further information.

Helicopter EMS Interiors purchase financing

AMS, in cooperation with some partner Equipment Financing Firms, offers the possibility for the EMS interior being financed to qualified clientele. Contact us for further details.